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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Twenty-two students have been identified as the top graduates of their respective colleges for commencement exercises May 15 at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Top graduates have the highest grade point averages (GPA) in their colleges. The minimum GPA to be a top grad is a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.

By college, the top graduates are:

Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources — Melinda J. Rick, majoring in ornamental horticulture and landscape design. She lives at 103 Barrington Drive, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Architecture and Planning — Douglas B. Caywood, majoring in architecture. A resident of 9436 Continental Drive, he is the son of Donald and Nancy Caywood, 272 Old McClure Road SE, Cleveland, Tenn.

Arts and Sciences, humanities — Michelle C. Warriner, a college scholar. She is the daughter of John K. Warriner, Jr., 810 Northgate Drive, Osceola, Ark.

Arts and Sciences, natural sciences (ties) — Diana M. Pabst, majoring in biology; Ryoko Kita, chemistry; Janell G. Kapp, biology; Hajnalka M. Bardos, biology; Samar M. Alsharif, biochemistry and biology; and Jasna R. Vellovic, chemistry.

Pabst is the daughter of Michael and Karen Pabst, 2910 Foster Dale Cove, Germantown, Tenn.

Kita’s parents are Dr. Hitoshi and Takako Kita, 61 Mary Ann Drive, Memphis, Tenn.

Kapp’s parents are Charles and Anntinette Kapp, 71 Shongum Road, Randolph, N.J.

Bardos’ parents are Denes and Agota Bardos, 2043 Dowden Cove, Germantown, Tenn.

Alsharif’s parents are Mohamed and Thana Alsharif, 7808 Bennington Drive, Knoxville.

Vellovic’s parents are Mirko and Radmila Vellovice, Maracaiba, Venezuela.

Arts and Sciences, social sciences — Kenneth H. Berry, majoring in political science and interdisciplinary studies. He is a resident of 5005 East Inskip, Apt. F23, Knoxville.

Business Administration (ties) — Patrick F. Foster, Jr., majoring in management; Matthew H. Richey, finance; Brandon M. Schirg, finance; and Harry Sinis, finance.

Foster is the son of Patrick and Polly Foster, 12000 Olympic Drive, Knoxville.

Richey is the son of Jan and Rebecca Richey, 602 Foxborough Square North, Brentwood, Tenn.

Schirg is the son of Glenn and Carolyn Schirg, 952 Skye View Drive, Gallatin, Tenn.

Sinis is the son of Tom and Susan Sinis, 103 April Cove, Ripley, Tenn.

Communications — Amy Denise Dalton, majoring in broadcasting. She is the daughter of Dennis and Barbara Dalton, 4 Riverside Lane, Reedville, Va.

Education — Christiana M. Lietzke, majoring in exercise science. She is the daughter of David and Elaine Lietzke, Route 3, Rutledge, Tenn.

Engineering — Ryan P. Rye, majoring in mechanical engineering. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Rye, 1015 Highland Drive, Dickson, Tenn.

Human Ecology — Deborah Mary Nall, majoring in child development. A resident of 149 Farmer’s Grove Lane, Clinton, Tenn., she is the daughter of Donald and Barbara Casterline, 2511 Ivanhoe St., Port Charlotte, Fla.

Nursing — Rachel Corianne Robinson of 4503 Washington Pike. She is the daughter of Richard and Glenda Robinson, 406 Oriole Drive, Greeneville, Tenn.

Social Work — Miho Nuki, the daughter of Kimiyo Nuki, Fukuoka, Japan.

Law — Travis J. Graham, 1533 Whitower Drive, Knoxville. He is the son of Ronald Graham, 187 Arnett Boulevarde, Danville, Va.

Veterinary Medicine — Caitrine Linnea Hellenga, the daughter of Robert and Virginia Hellenga, 343 North Prairie Street, Galesburg, Ill.

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