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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A new University of Tennessee Internet website can help Tennesseans fight and prevent local health problems.

 Dr. Sandra Putnam of UT-Knoxville’s Community Health Research Group said the Health Information Tennessee (HIT) website provides statistics, reports, and data on health issues in Tennessee counties.

 Putnam said it enables local health professionals to quickly access information by computer, rather than having to call health officials in other counties.

This saves time and can help prevent the spread of disease or other health problems, she said.

“HIT is an invaluable resource for researchers, community groups, and legislators for assessing local health problems and for planning future prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation services in Tennessee,” Putnam said.

 HIT allows users to custom-make charts and tables on health, population, disease and other subjects, Putnam said. Statewide and smaller division comparisons can be made locally and presented in a flexible manner, she said. Health data on individuals are not available at the site.

 The site also contains the Tennessee Health Status Report, produced by UT and the Tennessee Department of Health. The report includes data on a range of health issues for Tennesseans, including poverty and health, HIV/AIDS, adolescent pregnancy, alcohol and drug use among youth, and cancer mortality.

 The HIT site also includes diagnosis tables for individual counties, results of population-based surveys, and a review of Tennessee health facilities.

 The site can be seen at http://funnelweb.utcc.utk. edu/~chrg/hit/main/index.htm.

 Contact: Dr. Sandra Putnam (423-974-4612)