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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The senior honors project of Markus I. Woelfel at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville has earned the highest award of the National Collegiate Honors Council.

 Dr. Thomas W. Broadhead, director of the honors program at UT-Knoxville, said Thursday Woelfel earned one of three Portz Scholars awards for a computer web site he created about the use of Internet communications by Zapatista rebels in Mexico.

 Woelfel, a College Scholars major in political science and computer science, finished his undergraduate work a year ago. He remains at UT as a graduate student in computer science.

 When the National Collegiate Honors Conference meets in Atlanta next week, Woelfel has been invited to make a presentation about the project.

 Woelfel’s web site is “The War of Ink and Internet: The Zapatista Rebels in Mexico and the Electronic Revolution.” (http:\


 Contact: Dr. Thomas W. Broadhead (423-974-7875)