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 KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Undergraduate in-state students at the University of Tennessee pay well below the national average in annual fees, room and board.

 The College Board, an association of 2,800 schools, reported Wednesday that its annual survey shows average fees at U.S. public colleges have topped $3,000 annually, with room and board bringing total costs to more than $10,000.

 UT’s annual in-state undergraduate fees are: UT-Chattanooga, $2,200; UT-Knoxville, $2,576; and UT-Martin, $2,240.

 Business officers at the campuses estimated room and board costs are: UT-Chattanooga, $4,200; UT-Knoxville, $3,800; and UT-Martin, $3,856.

Fees at public colleges increased an average of 5 percent, the College Board survey shows. Fees for in-state undergraduates at UT increased 6 percent at UT-Martin and UT-Chattanooga and 8 percent at UT-Knoxville.

 UT President Joe Johnson said the survey supports the university’s reputation as a “best buy” in higher education.

“The survey shows our reputation is well-deserved,” Johnson said. “The UT Board of Trustees and our faculty and staff have worked hard for many years to hold costs down and still offer a quality education.”

 Regular fees at UT help pay for a portion of each student’s education cost. Other fees cover parking, use of recreational facilities and equipment, and free or discounted admission to cultural and athletics events.

 A technology fee, added recently at each of UT’s three predominantly undergraduate campuses, is earmarked for computer laboratories and infrastructure.

 A portion of the fee at UT-Knoxville was recently used to link all 13 residence halls to the campus computer infrastructure.

Students in the halls can now use personal computers in their rooms to reach other computers on campus, the Internet and World Wide Web. Similiar progress has been made at UT-Chattanooga and UT-Martin.

 Contact: Dr. Joe Johnson (423-974-2241)