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KNOXVILLE, Tenn.– The recent volatility of investment stocks is not surprising considering changes that have taken place in the market, a University of Tennessee economist said Thursday.

 Dr. Matt Murray of the UT-Knoxville Center for Business and Economic Research said the changes include a significant increase in stock values and many new investors coming into the markets.

 “As a result, one would expect to observe much greater volatility in terms of what we saw in the markets five or ten years ago,” Murray said. “The good news is that the overall trend of the stock market continues to be in an upward direction.”

 Murray said United States stock markets remain very attractive to investors world-wide.

“Never forget the inherent stability of investments in the U.S. compared with investments elsewhere in the world,” Murray said. “We go through ups and downs of business cycles, but politically and economically we offer one of the most stable places in the world for investment.”


 Contact: Dr. Matt Murray (423-974-1698)