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KNOXVILLE, Tenn.– Journalist and educator Landrum Bolling of Harvard University, a 1933 graduate of the University of Tennessee, will be commencement speaker Friday at UT-Knoxville.

 Officials said 1,434 students are candidates for degrees, which will be conferred by UT President Joe Johnson with UT-Knoxville Chancellor Bill Snyder presiding.

 Bolling earned the bachelor’s degree in history from UT and the masters of arts in political science from the University of Chicago (1938).

 An original member of the UT-Knoxville College of Arts and Sciences’ Board of Visitors, Bolling is now a board associate.

 The commencement procession begins at 9 a.m. in Thompson-Boling arena.

 Undergraduate candidates by college:

Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources — the bachelor of science in agriculture, 11; agricultural engineering, 2; forestry, 4; ornamental horticulture and landscape design, 5; and wildlife and fisheries science, 1.

 Arts and Sciences — the bachelor of arts, 302; fine arts, 7; music, 1; and science, 70.

 Business Administration — the bachelor of science in business administration, 112.

 Communications — the bachelor of science in communications, 49.

 Education — the bachelor of science in education, 41.

 Engineering — the bachelor of science in aerospace engineering, 1; chemical engineering, 4; civil engineering, 13; electrical engineering, 10; engineering science, 5; industrial engineering, 7; materials science and engineering, 2; mechanical engineering 13; and nuclear engineering, 3.

 Human Ecology — the bachelor of science in human ecology, 69; education, 8; home economics, 2; hotel and restaurant administration, 18; interior design, 8; and tourism, food and lodging administration, 1.

Nursing — the bachelor of science in nursing, 3.

 Social Work — the bachelor of science in social work, 1.

 Graduate School candidates:

 Doctor of education, 8.

 Doctor of philosophy — agricultural sciences and natural resources, 3; arts and sciences, 30; biomedical sciences, 1; business administration, 9; communications, 1; education, 10; engineering, 9; human ecology, 1; intercollegiate, 1; nursing, 3; and social work, 3.

 Specialist in education, 11.

 Master of accountancy, 1.

 Master of arts — arts and sciences, 36; and business administration, 2.

 Master of business administration, 3; fine arts, 3; mathematics, 1; music, 9; public administration, 4; and public health, 11.

Master of science — agricultural sciences and natural resources, 20; arts and sciences, 39; biomedical sciences, 1; business administration, 5; communications, 8; education, 250; engineering, 35; human ecology, 41; and information sciences, 11.

 Master of science in planning, 6; and social work, 6.

Other candidates by college: law, doctorate of jurisprudence, 2; and veterinary medicine, doctorate of veterinary medicine, 1.

 Commissions in the United States Armed Forces: commission of second lieutenant, United States Air Force, 1.

Degree candidates totals: graduate school, 658; law, 2, veterinary medicine, 1; and undergraduates, 774.


 Contact: Al Crews (423-974-2101)