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KNOXVILLE, Tenn.– Students at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville will soon be able to access their semester grades by phone or computer, Dr. Susie Archer, dean of admissions and records, said Friday.

 Archer said the service, which starts Aug. 13 for students who were enrolled in the first term of summer school, will be faster than mail and allow the university to save money on postal costs.

 “We spend $30,000 a year mailing grades,” Archer said. “Some students will always need their grades mailed but most will prefer to use the new system.”

 Confidentiality is protected by encryption and requiring students to use their student identification number, plus a personal ID number, to access their grades, Archer said.

Mailing of grades will continue through fall semester, but after that postal delivery will be at the student’s request, Archer said.

 To provide grade access by phone and computer, UT-Knoxville contracted for $6,000 annually with Voice FX Corp., Philadelphia, Pa.

 “We looked at the cost of setting up our own system compared with the price of out-sourcing it,” Archer said. “It was much less expensive to have them do it.”

 With the grades, students will hear or see an advertising message but nothing controversial such as tobacco or alcohol ads, Archer said.


 Contact: Dr. Susie Archer (423-974-2105)