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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Members of the graduating University of Tennessee-Knoxville Class of 1997 have created a new senior farewell ceremony.

 The ceremony is based in part on the “Alohe Oe,” a UT graduation ritual developed in 1926.

 In the new “Aiei Proso” ceremony, seniors will symbolically pass the torch of preparation to incoming freshman and take up the torch of service.

 The event is scheduled at 8:15 p.m., April 30, in Neyland Stadium.

 The ceremony will begin with a torch procession from the Torchbearer statue on Volunteer Blvd. to Neyland Stadium. The processional torch will be lit from the statue’s flame.

At the end of the program, selected seniors will form the letter “T” on the ball field while holding candles lighted by the processional flame.

 The term Aiei Proso is Greek for “always forward,” the words inscribed by the Class of 1877 on a marker on the Hill. Alohe Oe is Hawaiian for “farewell.”

 Contact: Micheal Tarpy (423-522-8307)