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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Here’s one to separate the true collector of Volunteer sports memorabilia from the rest of the pack: a 20 feet by 30 feet scoreboard, retired after 15 seasons of Tennessee baseball.

 Bob Davis, an associate administrator in UT-Knoxville’s Men’s Athletics Department, said Wednesday the board and operating controls will be sold by sealed bid, unless another university department has a use for it.

 Departments have until Friday to work out arrangements for the board. Otherwise, it will be sold by sealed bid at 11 a.m., April 23, Davis said.

 The scoreboard has not been used since a new one replaced it with the opening in 1993 of the Lindsey Nelson Stadium at Hudson Field.

 “It was working fine the last time we used it,” Davis said. “We didn’t unplug it until we knew we had a new one.”

 Davis said he doubted a collector would buy the board.

 “It would be pretty expensive to put up and get wired up to go,” Davis said. “If I were him, I would take a picture of it.”

 For more information, Davis can be reached at (423) 974-3311.