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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Nearly 2.1 million visits were recorded by turnstile count at University of Tennessee-Knoxville Libraries during 1995-96, the UT-Knoxville Library Record says.

 Record editor Joe Rader said Wednesday the number of visitors set a record, although the increase over the previous year was small — about 45,000.

 “We don’t expect a large increase from year-to-year in part because student enrollments are capped at about 26,000,” Rader said.

 Patrons during ’95-’96 used more than a million volumes on the premises, checked out 708,787 books, and made nearly 4 million photocopies, the report says.

UT-Knoxville Libraries borrowed more than 25,000 items from other libraries during the year, while loaning 18,000 documents.

 UT-Knoxville Libraries include all the libraries on the UT-Knoxville campus except the College of Law’s.


 Contact: Joe Rader (423-974-4273)