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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — University of Tennessee-Knoxville Masters of Business Administration students earned the equivalent of a grand slam — three top-three finishes in three contests — at recent regional, national and international competitions.

 UT MBA students took second-place honors this month at the Southeastern Invitational and the Concordia International competitions in Wake Forest and Montreal. In September, a UT team placed third at the National Black MBA Competition in New Orleans.

 “We didn’t just pick a few of our top students and send them out for multiple competitions, as some schools do,” said Warren Neel, UT business dean. “We had a deep ‘bench’ from which to draw.”

 Sixteen students trained separately for the three competitions, each with different formats and skill requirements.

 “The finishes are a measure of the breadth of training that occurred and a test of the depth of skills which UT students develop in our program,” Neel said.

 Student participants and their hometowns are:

 Southeastern Invitational team: Susan Carr (captain), Greg Van Scoy, Shannon Sifford, Bill Hutchinson, Erica Michener, all of Knoxville; Mike Crume, Louisville; and Amy Holtermann, Hendersonville.

 National Black MBA team: Kevin McCormick (captain), Roy Gifford, both of Knoxville; Dorothy Jones, Memphis; and Millicent Dorrah, Kingsport.

 Concordia International team: Eddie Armbrister (captain), Beth Payne, Mark Neises, all of Knoxville; Ed Reel, Jacksonville, Fla.; Laura Hobson, Oak Ridge; and Philip Meledjiev, Bulgaria.


 Contact: Dr. Warren Neel (423-974-5061)