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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Awards for outstanding advising, teaching, public service, research and creative activity have been presented to 10 University of Tennessee-Knoxville faculty members.

Dr. Lorayne Lester, UT-Knoxville interim dean of arts and sciences, presented the honors at the college’s annual convocation.

“There is much to celebrate in our collective accomplishment and excellence as a college,” Lester said. “The purpose of these awards is to acknowledge and celebrate that excellence — the teaching, the scholarship, the advising and the public service — that is our daily work.”

Faculty award winners are:

* Faculty Public Service Award — Dr. James A. Black, sociology, and Dr. Susan D. Martin, head of the classics department.

* Faculty Advising Service Award — Dr. William H. Calhoun, psychology, and Dr. James D. Caponetti, botany.

* Junior Faculty Teaching Award — Dr. LaVinia Delouis Jennings, English.

* Senior Faculty Teaching Award — Dr. William M. Dunne, geology.

* Junior Faculty Research and Creative Achievement Award — Dr. Ziling Benjamin Xue, chemistry.

* Senior Faculty Research and Creative Achievement Award — Dr. Susan E. Metros, art.

* Scholars in the Schools Award — Dr. Charles Edgar Clark, mathematics, and Dr. Gerald Lynn Vaughan, ecology.


Contact: Dr. Lorayne Lester (423-974-4377)