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KNOXVILLE, Tenn.– A team of business administration faculty members at the University of

Tennessee-Knoxville has won a world competition for economic modeling.

Drs. Hamparsum Bozdogan, Peter Bearse and Alan Schlottmann will be honored at Tilburn

University in the Netherlands in December. Their work will also be published in the Journal of

Applied Econometrics next year.

Bozdogan, UT-Knoxville team leader and professor of statistics, said 28 research teams looked at

new econometric models to forecast U.S. and Dutch food consumption.

“The purpose of this experiment was to come up with new and credible applied econometric and

statistical modeling techniques,” Bozdogan said.

Bearse and Schlottmann are faculty members in UT-Knoxville’s economics department.

Contact: Dr. Hamparsum Bozdogan (423-974-2556)