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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The following awards were presented recently at the 1996 College of Engineering Honors Banquet at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville:

Nathan W. Dougherty Award — Ronald F. Green, president, Fluor Power Generation Division, Greenville, S.C.

Allen and Hoshall Engineering Faculty Award — Dr. Jeffrey W. Hodgson.

Moses E. and Mayme Brooks Distinguished Professor Award — Dr. Wayne T. Davis.

Support Staff Award — Jane Taylor.

Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award — Dr. Judy L. Cezeaux.

Leon and Nancy Cole Superior Teaching Award — Dr. Walter L. Green.

Tau Beta Pi Awards — Outstanding Sophomore, Puneet Sharma, Memphis; Outstanding Senior Lee Klieman, 4225 Spar Drive, Knoxville.

Agricultural Engineering — Outstanding Teacher Award, Dr. Raj Raman.

Chemical Engineering — DOW Chemical Company Outstanding Junior, Katie Lehnert, Kingsport, Tenn.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Sophomore Scholastic Award — Joseph A. Longest, Oak Ridge.

American Chemical Society (East Tennessee Section) Outstanding Senior Award — Dena Rothrock, Kingsport.

Eastman Scholar — Scott Padgett, Big Sandy, Tenn.

Alpha Chi Sigma Albert Cooper Scholarship — Andrew Dorsey, 12036 S. Fox Den Drive, Farragut, Tenn.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (Knoxville-Oak Ridge Section) Faculty Service Award — Laura Trentham, Martin, Tenn.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (Knoxville-Oak Ridge Section) Outstanding Baccalaureate Award — Laura Trentham, Martin.

Kenneth Elliott Upperclass Scholarship — Amy Massingill, 3630 McCarrell Lane, Knoxville.

Kimberly Clark Outstanding Junior — Heather Salyers, Kingsport.

Esber Shaheen Scholarship — Michael Brotherton, Jefferson City, Tenn.

Outstanding Advisor Award — Dr. Fred Weber

Outstanding Teacher — Dr. George Frazier

Union Carbide Kenan Award — Srinivas Vedula, Bombay, India.

Civil and Environmental Engineering, John Callaway Academic Achievement Award — Richard Franco (sophomore), 4416 Raj Road, Knoxville; Matthew Cate (junior), 417 Cappy Drive, Knoxville; James Andrew (senior), Heiskell, Tenn.

Outstanding Teaching Award — Dr. Richard M. Bennett

Teaching Recognition Award — Dr. Eric. C. Drumm

Research Recognition Award — Dr. Arun Chatterjee

Service Recognition Award — Dr. Bruce A. Tschantz

Staff Recognition Award — Sherman Green

Electrical and Computer Engineering, S.T. Harris Scholarship — Debra E. Grey, UT Box 16269, Knoxville; David Z. Lindsey, 7809 Andersonville Pike, Knoxville; Keith B. Johnson, Lenoir City, Tenn.

Billy J. and Sylvia F. Moore Scholarship — Joseph C. Henson, Loudon, Tenn.

Edgar Wyman McCall Scholarship — Todd J. Avritt, Scotts Hill, Tenn.

W.O. Leffell Scholarship — Jason R. Jarnigan, White Pine, Tenn.

Leonard and Betty Shealy Scholarship — Katherine M. Hopkins, Acworth, Ga.

Robert and Alliene Lay Scholarship — David C. Marshall, Chucky, Tenn.

Grace O. Davis Scholarship — Chris G. Moscone, 716 View Park Drive, Knoxville.

IEEE Branch Scholarship — Arleen B. Clementir, Sevierville, Tenn.

IEEE Exemplary Leadership Award — Donald Warden, 6802 Cardindale Drive, Knoxville; Gene Delias, 232 Abner Cruze Road, Knoxville; Alan Mangan, 4000 Pleasant Ridge Road, Knoxville.

Outstanding Junior — Ryan E. Lind, 7511 Seekirk Lane, Knoxville; Gregory Evans, Oliver Springs, Tenn.

1st Place Mentor Graphics National Student Design Contest for PCB/MCM — Tim Powell, Walland, Tenn.

Outstanding Undergraduate Student — Justin Baker, Riceville, Tenn.

Outstanding Sophomore — Andrew Weil, Franklin, Tenn.

Outstanding Junior — Myles B. Williams, Maryville, Tenn.; Ryan E. Lind, Knoxville.

Outstanding Senior — Justin T. Baker, Riceville; Kingsley Fung Wang Lim, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Teacher — Dr. Robert Bodenheimer.

Industrial Engineering, Outstanding Graduating Senior — John Kinlaw, 5852 Bailey Cove, Knoxville.

Highest Scholastic Achievement — (senior) Roberta Maughan, 2022 Belle Terra Road, Knoxville; (junior) Jesus Fernandez, 3819 Glenfield Drive, Knoxville; (sophomore) Jonathan Kendall, Chattanooga.

Outstanding Teacher — Dr. Wayne Claycombe.

Outstanding Advisor — Dr. Denise Ford Jackson.

Materials Science and Engineering Outstanding Teacher — Dr. Roberto S. Benson.

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant — Christopher Buck, Alcoa, Tenn.

Outstanding Senior — Richard K. Holman, Nashville.

Outstanding Junior — Neal Oldham, Martin.

Outstanding Sophomore — Christopher Hood, 1211 Rhea Road, Knoxville.

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Science, H.L. Weissberg Award — Brady Walther, Emory, Va.

L. Raymon Shobe Excellence in Mechanics — Nick Thornton, Brownsville, Tenn.

L. Raymon Shobe Scholarship — Cheryl Riddle, Lynchburg, Tenn.

Joel F. Bailey Award — Nathan Keesecker, Erwin, Tenn.

Prof. J. Mack Tucker Outstanding Senior Award — Nathan Keesecker, Erwin; Claudell Marie Harvey, Lenoir City.

AMSE Regional Student Conference, 1st Place in Design Competition — Marcus Phelps, 300 Shasta Drive, Knoxville; Corey Rice, Huntsville, Tenn.; Hamid Babaei, 3700 Sutherland Ave. R-5, Knoxville; Kelly Nottingham, Kingsport.

Eaton Corporation and SAE Detroit Section Student Exhibition Competition, 3rd place in National Competition — Claudell Harvey, Lenoir City, and Kathleen Tolman, Greenfield, Ind.

SAE Faculty Advisor Award — Dr. Jeffrey W. Hodgson.

B. Ray Thompson, Sr. Professor — Dr. Frank Speckhart.

Shell Professor — Dr. Jack Wasserman.

EXXON Professor — Dr. Ke Nguyen.

DuPont Professor — Dr. Madhu Madhukar.

Nuclear Engineering, Outstanding Undergraduate Academic Achievement — William B. Bird, Clarksville, Tenn.; Joshua T. Carson, Almont, Mich.; Albert J. Dunning, Gallatin, Tenn.; Daniel C. Evans, Franklin, Tenn.; Rodney C. Harvill, Jackson, Tenn.; Randall R. Hooker, Lexington, Tenn.; Wesley C. Hooper, 213 Country Oaks Circle, Knoxville; Mohammad K. Khan, Maryville; Seong-Kown Lee – Machoong-Dong Cheong, Korea; Thomas M. Miller, Meridian, Miss.; Jennifer L. Parsons, Brentwood, Tenn.; William D. Pointer, 6938 Mackin Lane, Knoxville; Joshua C. Rice, Rankin Way Benicia, Calif.; Anne E. Robinson, 2000 Martha Berry Drive, Knoxville; Jeffrey Al Scrugham, 11012 Thornton Drive, Knoxville; Shawn R. Steele, 3500 Sutherland Ave. M-205, Knoxville; Ezekial A. Unterberg, Ocean Springs, Miss.; Mark S. Wyatt, 8612 Flagstone Way, Knoxville.

National Design Competition Winners, 1st place (Undergraduate) — Wesely Hooper, 213 Country Oaks Circle, Knoxville; Scot Snowden, Midway, Tenn. 2nd place (Graduate Division) — Aucyone Da Silva, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Paulo Ferreira, Sao Paulo; Khaled Miftah, Kairouan, Tunisia; Lane Paschal, Hixson, Tenn.; Darryl Wrest, 3500 Sutherland Ave. D-203, Knoxville.

Outstanding Service Award — Lynnetta Holbrook.

Outstanding Teacher — Dr. L.W. Townsend.

Engineers Day Awards — Class I, 1st Place, Big Orange Cola Machine Advanced Process Automation Lab; Digital Exhibit, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; 2nd Place, Automation of a Heat Exchanger, American Institute of Chemical Engineering.

Class II, 1st Place, Fungal Bioreactor for Production of Omega-3 Fatty Acid, American Society of Agricultural Engineers; 2nd Place, Success Through Teamwork Featuring the Award Winning Hybrid Electric Vehicle Society of Automotive Engineers. Robot Car Exhibit, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

Class III, 1st Place, Nuclear Engineering Department

Departmental Tour with PWR Simulator, American Nuclear Society and Health Physics Society; 2nd Place, Engineering Science and Mechanics Department Avenues of Engineering Science Biomedical Engineering Society and Society of Engineering Science.

Hoechst Celanese Awards — Hoechst Celanese K-12 Science & Engineering Outreach Program Outstanding

Volunteer, Suzanne Snyder, 3904 Janice Drive, Knoxville; Brian Crenshaw, Union City, Tenn.

Hoechst Celanese Outstanding Junior — Derek L. Johnson, Caryville, Tenn.

Hoechst Celanese Teaching and Research Award — Dr. Kevin Robinson.

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