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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A new University of Tennessee program is bringing more Knoxville-area residents and community workers “on-line.”

UT-Knoxville’s Community Partnership Center launched its Access to the Information Highway project Thursday night.

The UT center, the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Regional Network (KORRNet) and the Center for Neighborhood Development conducted a visual demonstration of the Internet at Knoxville’s Morningside Community Center.

“We offered this demonstration to show people what the Internet looks like and how community groups around the country are using the information highway,” said Madeline Rogero, who coordinates the UT center.

Rogero said community groups were encouraged to begin thinking about how they will participate in KORRNet, the new community network scheduled to open later this year.

Later this summer, hands-on training sessions are set for members and staff of non-profit community groups that represent or serve residents of low- and moderate-income areas near Knoxville, Rogero said.

Contact: Madeline Rogero (423-974-4542)