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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Twenty-six Knoxville-area students received scholarships and awards Thursday at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville College of Communications honors banquet.

They are among 80 advertising, broadcasting, journalism and public relations majors who received more than $150,000 in scholarships and grants from the college. The Knoxville area includes Blaine, Lenoir City, Maryville, Oak Ridge and Sevierville.

Knoxville recipients of Karl and Madira Bickel Scholarships are: Laura D. Gilliam, 2524 Bernhurst Lane; Angela M. Dozier, 2114 E. Emory Rd.; Nicole K. Gaudiano, 1023 Francis St.; John A. Strange, 911 Tanforan Dr.; Jeffrey L. Taylor, 6614 Crystal Lake Dr.; and Robert M. Prisco, 613 Gallagher View Rd.

Laura Gilliam also won the Amanda Minnis Bonham Scholarship.

A Journalism Faculty Scholarship was awarded to Angela Swatzell, 1629 W. Cumberland Ave.

Fatima B. Hyder, 9408 Ravenwood Circle, won the Society of Professional Journalists Scholarship.

The Kelly Leiter Scholarship went to Susan Y. Loveday,

4700 Schubert Rd. She also won the Escar Thompson Award.

The Tutt and Elizabeth Bradford Scholarship went to Paul M. Whalen, 11724 Yarnell Rd.

Mary H. Tharpe, 3615 Essary Dr., received the J. Carroll Bateman Award.

Whittle Communications Minority Scholarships were awarded to Kellie K. Carter of Oak Ridge; Brian A. Courtney of Maryville; Sundra K. Hominick, 3424 Fountain Park Blvd.; Melanie A. Jones, 2400 Brooks Rd.; Jadene P. Poole of Oak Ridge; and LaTonya N. Miller of Sevierville.

Catherine Longmire of Andersonville received the W.C. Tucker Scholarship.

The Tutt and Elizabeth Bradford Advertising Scholarship went to Anne E. Augustus of Lenoir City.

Angelique N. Meade, 1501 Sutter’s Mill Lane, received the Bohan Advertising Scholarship.

Knoxville News-Sentinel Advertising Scholarships went to Debra E. DuByne, 1717 Covey Rise Trail, and Nicole Policicchio, Dix Hills, N.Y. The Knoxville News-Sentinel also awarded journalism scholarships to Marquita S. Smith, Jackson, Tenn., and Eddie J. Frank, Winchester, Tenn.

The Donald G. Hileman advertising scholarship was awarded to Samuel L. Comer, 8924 Wesley Place.

Richard Joel Advertising Scholarships went to Kelli A. Looney of Blaine, and Marie L. Henry, 5431 Yosemite Trail.

The Edith S. Joel Award to an Outstanding Alumni in Advertising went to Butch Hughes, 300 Beechwood Dr.

John J. Wood, 3361 Lake Brook Blvd., received the John Hart Scholarship in broadcasting.

The Darrel W. Holt broadcasting scholarship was awarded to Nicole R. Collins of Maryville.

Janet A. Gennoe, 12244 Oakmont Circle, was named winner of the Lindsey Nelson Scholarship for broadcasting majors.